Your space for rest and relax in peace and safety. Homes, hotels, villas, camping sites, hospitals, barracks, military camps, construction sites , reception centers, areas affected by earthquakes or other disasters, sports or anything else you can imagine


    EVE is as comfortable as a hotel room and can be placed also in sites where neither the hotel for logistical reasons or the tent for structural reasons can be installed, considering that in case of sudden and severe weather events you’d better stay close to a safe shelter. The power supply for the internal functions can be available from external sources or integrated with renewable energy systems.


    EVE is an extremely flexible module that can assembled to create single, double, triple or N-ple rooms , according to the most different needs, and the whole structure can be easily equipped with other basic services with great satisfaction , providing a high level of comfort and health.

  • VISUAL 360°

    Man always keeps the natural environment around him, he can see it any time from inside the room. EVE can be easily moved, in case you want to change perspective after living in a place for a while



    The user knows that his room protects him constantly from any kind of harm, even extraordinary as in the case of disasters in the site area, by providing an effective emergency facility ready on site. EVE structure is virtually impenetrable from any external event.


    In case of emergencies or disasters EVE acts as both night shelter and small hospital unit, where a wounded person can be admitted and treated ; he can be transported into the hospital without any need for an equipped ambulance , by simply using the dedicated transport trolley.


    EVE can be installed in the water, along river banks or sea shores, near ponds lagoons islands etc. In case of flooding or reversal, thanks to its structure and to technical features such as the supporting base acting like a fin, it is able to float, thus protecting its occupant while awaiting rescue.